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Reclaiming The Asian TagS

Tired of being fetishized, hypersexualized, and objectified.


For today: take selfies with a journal or a notebook!

For today: talk about your least favorite stereotype about Asians and why.

haven’t used it in a while but I go it out for the photo. :P

haven’t used it in a while but I go it out for the photo. :P


For today: selfie of you holding a binder!

I'm sorry I had very little characters to explain. The panel is just a sort of presentation the con in my city lets congoers submit each year on any topic. I was hoping to find some anecdotes and such of any connection experiences or general life experiences with weeaboos and just generally insensitive people surrounding Cosplay and entertainment from varying Asian countries being appropriated and such. I'm hoping to run the panel to help tone down some of that behaviour in future cons.
reclaimingtheasiantags reclaimingtheasiantags Said:

Oh okay. I personally don’t listen to kpop or jpop or go to anime conventions or participate in cosplay or the like so I’m probably not going to be of much help. But if you haven’t already, but maybe go to fucknofetishization, thisisnotjapan, and thisisnotkorea and look through their various tags to see if there’s any relevant information. Followers, if you have any resources, feel free to send them to the asker. 

I'm not sure how y'all feel about this kind of thing, but I'm asking several of the socially aware blog I follow if maybe some of your followers would like to help me put together a panel on racism and fetishization in kpop/anime/jpop cons? It would be a fabulous help and I'd love input from people of any culture to add something or point me to their favorite sources if they would^^;;;
reclaimingtheasiantags reclaimingtheasiantags Said:

I’m kinda confused. What do you mean by a panel? Also, what kind of sources are you talking about? I’m honestly really lost here. 

If a white person isn’t Japanese for wearing pikachu ears, neither am I.

I ran a marathon last fall wearing this shirt! :)


Are you fucking kidding me? Get lost! What is your point of following? Everyone report this user, this person is known to follow blogs like this and asian women. He also reblogs random pictures of asian women on his blog. Be warned! Block and report this dickwad.

This person is following THREE blogs that I mod including this one. I mean I ignored this user awhile ago but the fact that I had to ignore 20+ other porn blogs since then, I’m kinda pissed. I don’t know if any of them have been reblogging the selfies on this blog since they don’t show up in the notes but they better not be.

For today: vacation selfies or photos!