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Reclaiming The Asian TagS

Tired of being fetishized, hypersexualized, and objectified.


sorry everybody. i feel like i need to stop fucking with anons who send in asks that clearly just need to be deleted.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How are we supposed to feel about the Asians that subjugate themselves to the fetishization. It's actually even worse in Asia, where so so many subjugate themselves to colonialist fantasies without even knowing... it's heartbreaking, I can't help but feel inferior and second-rate when it's happening in places where Asians are the majority. Help ;/
reclaimingtheasiantags reclaimingtheasiantags Said:

personally i feel sad though i do hope that they’ll eventually be able to unlearn all the internalized racism that they’ve been taught and that fetishization isn’t anything to be desired. i think it’s natural to feel inferior when people treat you as so but like it’s not true. asians aren’t inferior at all. i remember feeling inferior before but then i followed a lot of poc blogs where people really loved themselves and not let other people’s self-hate dictate their perception of themselves as much as they can. in this i too learned to appreciate my looks as well as my culture and heritage. it’s really liberating so i encourage you to try to find ways so that you too can be in a place where you are able to work past insecurities when they occur. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why no pictures of Asian guys?
reclaimingtheasiantags reclaimingtheasiantags Said:

if you scroll all the way back, there should be a couple here and there. i mean i just publish submissions. i do wish that asian guys would submit more though! :D 


please stop recommending asian fetish blogs on my dash. 

Asker ngkls Asks:
Do you guys still do prompts?
reclaimingtheasiantags reclaimingtheasiantags Said:

i’m really uncreative so it takes me forever to think of prompts but if you have any suggestions, you can send them my way and maybe i’ll put out prompts again.



hi when i type “chinese women” in the search bar i’d like to see chinese women solidarity and not racial fetishization in porn.

do people not understand this or are people deliberately choosing continue hurting woc:

racial fetishization is an act of violence. it forcefully subjugates woc and objectifies their bodies as sex objects. 

this all day

I just had like five porn blogs follow me for no reason. I don't really want them to be associated with me. Should I ignore them? Or is there a way I can report them?
reclaimingtheasiantags reclaimingtheasiantags Said:

Yeah, just ignore them. You can report them but I doubt it’ll work if they haven’t harassed you or posted any illegal pictures. They probably follow you just because they want you to look at their blog. I can imagine that they’re following thousands upon thousands of users just for that purpose so I think if you just ignore them, then the possibility of them reblogging or liking your selfies (if you have any) is quite low. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! Would it be okay if rather than a full selfie, we focused on a certain part of our features, like our eyes?
reclaimingtheasiantags reclaimingtheasiantags Said:

I’ll have to see the picture but that should be okay.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Your blog is so important. Way to go!
reclaimingtheasiantags reclaimingtheasiantags Said:

Thank you for your encouragement! :)